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Election Night at Rick Goldring's Campaign Office


"I do want to take a moment to say to the electorate of Burlington a big thank you for giving me this significant mandate..."
       "It is an honour and privilege to do this job each and every day, yes, even on some of the more challenging days it is still an honour and privilege and I will continue to work with council, work with staff, work with the whole community."

- Mayor Rick Goldring

Moving Burlington Forward, Together.

CHCH Post-Election Interview with Mayor Rick Goldring

Click here to view Rick Goldring's CHCH television interview held on October 27, 2014. 


Goldring Wins Second Term As Mayor of Burlington, Council Remains Unchanged

Click here to read the Burlington Post article which shares the unofficial election results as well as a few words from Rick to the people of Burlington.


Toronto Star Endorses Mayor Rick Goldring

The Toronto Star writes: “Rick Goldring has delivered solid progress over his first term as mayor, finally finishing a controversial — and hugely expensive — pier initiated by his predecessors. He’s a consensus-builder who has done an effective job of protecting green space and passing modest tax increases. Goldring gets our nod.

Click here to read the Friday, October 24 Toronto Star Editorial.


Burlington Post's Choice for Mayor is Rick Goldring

In the Burlington Post's editorial, Burlington Post's choice for mayor, the Burlington Post writes:

"We believe his consensus-building approach in council chambers is what helped him get elected in 2010 and will again on Oct. 27. He has earned the opportunity to continue his work for another term."

Keep Burlington moving forward. On Oct. 27 vote to re-elect Mayor Rick Goldring.


A View of Burlington With Mayor Goldring

Play this video to take a journey through our beautiful city with Mayor Goldring.

As you travel through the scenic, familiar spaces that make our city unique, please consider how important it is for us to continue the progress to protect and enhance our waterfront and wonderful rural area and build new neighbourhoods, where appropriate.

Let's move Burlington forward together.

On October 27, vote to re-elect Mayor Rick Goldring.


Re-Elect Mayor Rick Goldring Campaign Brochure

resizedimage_smallest.jpgRe-elect Rick Goldring brochure delivered via Burlington Post on Thursday, October 2.

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Video: Let's Move Burlington Forward Together

Mayor Rick Goldring shares highlights of last term's accomplishments and asks for your support  to continue the progress and help move Burlington forward together. Vote to re-elect Mayor Rick Goldring on Oct. 27.


Protecting Burlington for Future Generations

We live within a beautiful, desirable, and natural setting. My family and I enjoy the benefits of our surroundings and I want to keep it that way for future generations.

The need to accommodate a growing population and the desire to attract business must be balanced with the wise management of the natural resources we are fortunate to find around us.

• I will defend decisions to preserve and protect the Greenbelt, the Niagara Escarpment and the rural area that supports us with clean water and nutritious food.

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